Values. We don’t accept compromise regarding our principles and values.

Competence. / We know what we talk about. Since 1994, we do nothing else than brand diversification consulting. Prior to that, we worked in the world’s leading management consultancy firms, in brand management or in business development.

Integrity. / Unfortunately, business is not a matter of science or truth. At the very least, our work is committed to utmost accuracy and integrity.

Difference. / We begin where usual approaches end: at the boundaries of our clients’ core competencies. From there on, we employ foresight and encourage to dare completely new business segments.

Practicability. / Having ideas of new markets for a brand is not too difficult; finding new markets in which a brand can outlast however is. We adopt a combination of lateral thinking, practicable creativeness and visionary sense. And we team-up with partners who are experts in the new markets.

Responsibility. / Success requires hard and long work. We feel responsible for our advice, and we help to implement and accompany it. If necessary for many years.

Independence. / A good advice needs to be based on independence. Ever since our inception, Capstone Branding is fully self-financed. We are accountable to none, except to ourselves and to our clients. But never to advertising agencies, banks, media companies, or so-called strategic partners.