Experience. We look back on an impressive number of most different clients and projects. We served more than 200 brand owners with our advice, we brought together the parties of more than 350 brand partnerships, and we assisted our clients with improving the success of well over 1.000 brand partnerships.

Our client list encompasses some of the world’s largest, most prestigious, most profitable and hippest brands. Just as much we worked for niche brands, for the financial restructuring of brands in trouble, for brands reaching the end of their lifecycle, and for the revival of aged brands. On the opposite side we helped many hidden champions to identify and secure well-established brands for branding partnerships.

Our mandates took us into nearly any industry or category, just to mention fashion, sports, electronics and electricals, automotive, food and other FMCGs, do-it-yourself, beauty, interiors, house wares, paper, and many more. Geographically, we did brand extension work in Europe and the US, and we were involved in internationalization work for Western brands into emerging regions in Asia and South America.